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US Mackinac T90 Pellet

$14.70 per lb


Pure Mitten Hops


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4 months ago


The seller has verified that these hops are in good condition. They have already been processed, are available for immediate shipment, are completely sealed (unopened boxes, no punctures) in original packaging.

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Question #1

Hi, I've been looking at these hops. Can you tell me about the spiciness? Is it prevalent at all (ala summit) or muted by the citrus and fruit?
Sorry for the slow response. We have been vacationing away from WiFi. Mackinac are becoming very popular for it’s fruity over tones. The spiciness is slightly present. If you want to ask a brewer who has used it frequently, let us know and we will try to make a connection. Thanks, The Dielemans, Pure Mitten Hops


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