• Help ! Problem with shipping

    Hello, im selling hops for the first time here. The first two orders came with a UPS acct. number which I provided to YCH and they charged shipping on that. Yesterday I got a new order which came w...

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  • Updated Cancelation Policy

    We’ve made it easier to cancel orders & updated our Cancellation Policy, which can be found here. The updated policy mentions a Reliability score, which isn’t live just yet but will be released...

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  • Growing Regions in drop down

    Can Germany, Slovenia, New Zealand, and Australia be listed under the grown region when listing hops? We would love to list the great countries these hops come from but have to click unknown often ...

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  • Improved Experience for Country Malt Group Listings

    After a little collaboration with our friends at Country Malt Group (CMG), the experience for both buyers and sellers of (CMG) listings just got a lot better: CMG checkouts now use prepaid shippin...

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