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Keeping Brewers in Balance

Sometimes you’re long on a variety, sometimes you’re short. We get it – We’re brewers too. Our goal is to streamline and secure this process for buyer and seller, so you can both get back to the brewhouse before your next hop addition. Learn more about us and The Lupulin Exchange at our blog

Selling: How It Works

Max convenience. Zero cost. Secure payment processing. No overwhelmed inboxes. It doesn’t get better than this. Learn more

  • Sell Hops

    List hops you want to sell. We’ll notify you once payment has been collected from a buyer.

  • Transfer Window

    Buyer pays for shipping. If the hops are at your brewery, we'll give you everything you need to create the shipment. If the hops are still at your broker, they’ll ship directly to the buyer. Funds will be held in escrow until you fulfill the order.

  • Cash Out

    Collect your guaranteed payment electronically or by paper check. Funds become available for withdrawal 7 days after you've entered valid tracking info.