• Announcing LEx UK

    The Lupulin Exchange (LEx), a platform where commercial brewers, hop merchants, and hop growers have traded more than $23 million in hops since late 2014, has completed its first phase of European ...

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  • New shipping system launched on the Lupulin Exchange

    We’ve released a huge upgrade to our shipping system on the Lupulin Exchange aimed at making everyone’s life better. The feature has been in beta for a few months – we’ve internally been calling i...

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  • Suggested Change: Sales Screen

    I just have a suggested change for the main Sales overview screen. When reviewing historical sales it would be beneficial to show the actual date the order was placed and/or shipped rather than inf...

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  • Is a 44 lbs box of hops actually 20 kg (44.09 lbs)?

    We are trying to determine which of the following is true and whether or not it’s true for all hop merchants: The same package “sizes” weigh slightly different amounts in the US and EU (ie 44 lbs ...

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