• Hop Storage - Frozen vs. Refrigerated

    Studies have shown that hops stored frozen will maintain their quality significantly longer than hops stored refrigerated. For example, hops stored properly at frozen temperatures will only show a...

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  • Hop Terroir - Sensory Descriptions for Public Varieties- Farm Descriptions

    Hi all. Max here from Champlain Valley Hops in Starksboro, Vermont. At 37 trellised acres, we are the largest grower and processor of hops in the Eastern US. This topic may have come up in the p...

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  • Dump Contracts, Not Hops!

    Hey brewers, remember that time back in 2014 when The Lupulin Exchange fixed the spot market? Well, now we’ve also fixed everything that stinks about hop contracting! We’ve made it easy for brewers...

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  • Receipt download no longer available

    With the new update, I lost the ability to download a receipt for the hops sold. It is pushing all order processing to the trellis area. I do need to keep a receipt with values on it for my recor...

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