• Color-coded shipping on the listings page

    To help users easily identify which listings are eligible for prepaid shipping, all listings that are eligible have their shipping providers’ logos in full color (, , etc). If a listing is not elig...

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  • Free, limited edition LEx t-shirt for brewers!

    Hey Brewers! We’re trading limited edition CBC19 t-shirts for a 3-minute survey designed to help hop growers & merchants better match supply to demand…everybody wins! Participants also get earl...

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  • Price History explanation, anyone?

    Can you explain a little about how this feature works? Is it summing across just the variety and year by the pound, or does it account for packaging size, storage condition,alpha, etc as well? Th...

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  • Improvements to our Listings page!

    We recently added two new features to our listings page: To help emphasize terroir, we added the “Grown In” field to the Listings page (where applicable): grown-in.png1104×116 7 KB To help di...

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