1. 07.05.17

    A big welcome to the Canadian Dollar - LEx expands to Canada

    The Canadian Dollar has been the word of the month here at the Lupulin Exchange. Until now, the exchange has only supported sellers with bank acco...

    by J. Shane Kunkle

  2. 04.10.17

    CBC ya in DC!'s that time of year again. The best time, when characteristically sober conference halls open their doors to motley throngs of brewers an...

    by Jesse Pappas

  3. 04.06.17

    What Happens in AsheVegas...

    Jesse and I headed down to Asheville, NC for the 3rd Annual South Atlantic Hops Conference. If you haven't made the trip to Mills River to see Sier...

    by John Bryce

  4. 02.14.17

    2017 American Hop Convention Roundup

    AJ & I recently traveled to Bend, Oregon for the 2017 American Hop Convention - what an amazing couple of days. I had the honor of presenting ...

    by J. Shane Kunkle


  • New Seller Shipping Box settings for Prepaid Shipping

    Our new prepaid shipping system has been in beta for a few weeks with a few power sellers on the exchange. You can read all about how much better prepaid shipping will make your life here. Perhaps you even saw this screen while checking out with one of our power seller's listings a3fbc2b3c37d1a5f534548861003fca30d85b224.png1585x689 44.2 KB Up until now – our system makes the seller ship every box purchased separately. For example - if ...

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  • Extending Available Crop Years

    I would like to propose that the selectable crop years be extended to up to 5 years when listing hops to sell. Many varieties, especially hops with good HSI, are still perfectly fine to use if they have been properly stored.

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