• Improved Experience for Country Malt Group Listings

    After a little collaboration with our friends at Country Malt Group (CMG), the experience for both buyers and sellers of (CMG) listings just got a lot better: CMG checkouts now use prepaid shippin...

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  • SELLERS: Make sure you add FedEx as a shipping option!

    When new sellers register on the Lupulin Exchange, they’re automatically set to offer shipping by both UPS & FedEx (buyers like options). However, this wasn’t always the case. For many years, s...

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  • Recent Improvements

    We’re always pushing new improvements to the LEx platform; however, we don’t often find the time to write about them. Here are just a few recent changes that hopefully make your experience a little...

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  • Payment Processor Outage: 01/14/2021

    On the evening of January 13th, our payment processor went down, causing payments to initially go through, but later automatically fail. The issue was resolved around 1:00 PM EST on January 14th. F...

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