• Specific Category for Concentrated Pellets (T35-T45)

    I have a listing for Hopsteiner’s Lupulin Pellets and the most accurate category I could find was T35/Powder for the listing. I think alot of brewers would rather stay away from the powdered versio...

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  • FedEx and UPS shipping rates

    When will it be possible to use our own FedEx or UPS accounts with our account rates to purchase hops? Currently, we are paying full retail prices for purchases. Thanks

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  • Expedited shipping adding info

    2 or 3 years ago, I requested that you differentiate express shipping on the system. Adding the flame graphic to emails and the order list helped. Great additions. To further help us catch expre...

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  • CBC22 Giveaway!

    Headed to CBC? Are you LEXperienced? In honor of our recent improvements to member profile scores (and one of the greatest debut albums in history), we’ve printed a limited edition t-shirt. If your...

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