• Where to order a dope LEX shirt?

    I LOVE your logo and want to order one of those awesome shirts! I am a hop farmer in Bozeman MT, is there any way I can place an order? Thanks! - Jake

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  • How to deal with Sales Tax

    With states wanting sales tax collected as well as sales being reported on sales tax forms to the state, what’s the best way to be on top of the states varying laws on taxable sales and/or having c...

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  • Coming Soon: LEx API

    Hello! We here at LEx are looking into creating an API for our users. Our question to you is: what would be most valuable to you in a Lupulin Exchange API?

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  • Feature Updates! Summer 2018

    Happy Hop Harvest Season! Like always, we are hard at work over here at the Lupulin Exchange. In addition to some minor enhancements you may have noticed, here are some updates that are now live on...

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